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Modification of Child Custody or Child Support 

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J Lowe Law is here to assist you every step of the way.  

The attorneys at J Lowe Law have vast experience in dealing with Texas laws relating to the modification of child custody and/or child support.  

To modify (change) a child support or custody order, a party must file a Petition for Modification with the Court that has jurisdiction over the child.  

Whether the Petition for Modification will be successful depends upon the circumstances of the case. Evidence will have to be presented by the party seeking the modification to justify any change to the prior order.  

It is important to note that the existing order should be followed until a Court issues a modification of the that order. Violation of the prior order could result in penalties to the party not following the order.  

Uncontested versus Contested Modifications 

Uncontested: Your modification suit is uncontested if it can be finished by agreement or by default. For example, by agreement would entail you and the other parent agreeing on all the issues (including custody, visitation and child support) and are both willing to sign the modification suit forms. By default, would entail the modification being completed without the other parent if the other parent is served and does not file an answer or otherwise appear in court. 

Contested: Your modification suit is contested if the other parent files an answer and will not sign an Order Modifying the Parent-Child Relationship. To finish a contested modification suit, you must set your case for final hearing and give the other parent at least 45 days’ notice of the hearing.  

If you are in need of a McKinney, TX child support lawyer to protect your interests as it relates to the modification of child custody and/or child support, please contact J Lowe Law.