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Construction Defect Claims Attorney in McKinney, TX

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Construction defects can include improperly designed materials, poor workmanship, and a failure to follow construction codes. Any deficiency in a building project can be considered a construction defect, including: defective architectural designs, lack of planning or supervision, lack of a proper inspection and improper construction. Some of the most common and high-cost construction defects include: structural integrity, mechanical problems, electrical issues, water intrusion, doors, windows, and glass seals, finishing defects. Generally, construction defects can be categorized into one of three categories, which are: (1) Design deficiencies; (2) Material deficiencies; and (3) Construction deficiencies. Construction Defect

Design Deficiencies

Design professionals include architects and engineers. These professionals design buildings and systems. However, even professionals do not always work as specified, which can result in a defect. An example of a design defect may include an improperly designed roof, which results in water penetration, intrusion, poor drainage, or inadequate structural support.

Material Deficiencies

During the course of construction, a multitude of materials and products are incorporated into the project. On some occasions, the materials used may not be proper for their use and/or application or may even be defective. Common manufacturer problems with building materials can include deteriorating flashing, building paper or waterproofing membranes that are not up to code, inferior asphalt roofing shingles, etc.

Construction Deficiencies

As you might imagine, poor workmanship can result in multiple construction defects. These issues typically arise when a contractor performs work that is either not code compliant or not in accordance with the plans, specifications, or manufacturer’s instructions. Construction defect and design defect claims can be both very costly and complex. The attorneys at J Lowe Law represent both owners seeking legal remedies and contractors or design-build firms defending against construction defect claims. We serve clients in Dallas County, Tarrant County, Denton County, and Collin County. J Lowe Law has successfully defended builders and design firms who were facing substantial exposure in construction defect disputes. Likewise, we have won damages on behalf of owners who discovered design defects or construction defects. Our lawyers have litigated a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential design and construction defect cases. Drawing upon 18-plus years of construction litigation experience, our construction defect attorneys are knowledgeable about design concepts, construction methods and construction industry surety and insurance. We have a sophisticated understanding of the roles and responsibilities of various participants in the construction process, and the contractual and legal rights and remedies of the parties. We take claims to trial if it serves our clients’ goals, but we encourage them to exhaust all out-of-court solutions, including mediation and arbitration, to resolve design defect or construction defect disputes.