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J Lowe Law offers comprehensive legal services in McKinney, TX. Call 214-310-1491 today to speak with a construction, family, or mediation.

If you need a construction lawyer, mediation, or family lawyer in McKinney, TX, the team at J Lowe Law can provide the support you need. With more than 36 years of combined experience, our lawyers can handle a variety of legal issues, including construction non-payment disputes, uncontested divorces, and mediations.

Our attorneys provide each client with compassionate and honest service and take the time to listen to their unique stories. While you may find many lawyers who pass client work on to their assistants, that’s not how we operate at J Lowe Law. Our partners handle the work themselves to offer every client the same high level of attention and care.

Our law firm handles cases throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area. We can represent you in construction law, family law, mediation, and litigation. We are members of the American Bar Association.

Construction Lawyer in McKinney, TX

Attorney Jason Lowe has more than 18 years of experience in construction law, helping clients settle disputes, pursue legal action, and defend against claims. He represents homeowners, builders, contractors, and others as a construction lawyer in McKinney, defending and prosecuting a wide variety of legal matters.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Texas Residential Construction Liability (RCLA) claims
  • Design and construction contract negotiations
  • Design and construction defect claims
  • Building code violation claims
  • Failure-to-pay and right-to-withhold-payment claims
  • Property lien preparation and invalid lien claims
  • Construction project abandonment

With the construction law experience to defend and prosecute many types of claims, Jason Lowe is the right lawyer for you, whether you’re a contractor dealing with a delay claim or a builder wondering about your legal rights in a dispute. He can represent you in a construction defect claim, review a stipulated sum contract, consult on a cost-plus contract, and more.

J Lowe Law provides contract mediation, defense, and prosecuting services in construction law. Jason Lowe’s litigation experience extends across many project types. He has handled claims related to high-rises, roads and bridges, airports, schools, hotels, and more. You can feel confident about trusting your construction law needs to the attorneys at J Lowe Law.

Who We Represent in Construction Law Matters

Our law firm represents clients throughout the construction industry, including but not limited to:

  • Homeowners
  • Builders
  • Construction managers
  • Industry businesses
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Suppliers
  • Sureties
  • Design professionals

Family Law Attorney in McKinney, TX

Attorney Jill Lowe is a reputable family lawyer and family law mediator who has been practicing exclusively in family law for 16 years. She brings her passion for helping families peacefully settle legal issues to the J Lowe Law team.

Though experienced in litigation, her focus has shifted to helping people settle family law matters through collaboration and mediation. She provides legal representation in various family law cases in McKinney, including divorce, child custody, child support, and more.

Whether you need legal advice on how to keep an uncontested divorce peaceful or are searching for family law attorneys or family law mediators to help settle a child custody dispute, Jill Lowe can help. She’ll explain your options for avoiding family law litigation and help you settle family matters outside of a Texas courtroom.

Who We Represent in Family Law Matters

J Lowe Law represents individuals in family law proceedings. You may seek help from attorney Jill Lowe if you want:

  • To settle on mutually acceptable family law agreements
  • To change a child custody or child support agreement
  • To create a mutually agreeable prenuptial or postnuptial agreement
  • To protect the relationships within your family during family law proceedings
  • To work with a compassionate family law attorney who focuses on peaceful resolutions

Collaborative Divorce Attorney in McKinney, TX

Jill Lowe is a trained collaborative divorce attorney. She has the knowledge and experience to help couples and individuals settle in an alternative process to litigation. She understands the toll that conflict-driven divorces and child custody court procedures have on any family unit and strives to offer a better approach to finding resolutions that are acceptable for each party.

Not all family lawyers provide a collaborative divorce, but Jill Lowe has the skills to help couples achieve a friendly divorce that doesn’t leave the family broken. If you’re separated from your spouse or fear your marriage is breaking down, working with a collaborative attorney and mediator can help provide a cooperative divorce process that centers on the goals and interests of each party.

A divorce doesn’t have to be marked by blaming and fighting. Trust your divorce to a family law attorney with collaborative training, like Jill Lowe, for help settling things peacefully without causing trauma for either party or any children involved.

Who We Represent in Collaborative Divorces

You may contact Jill Lowe regarding a collaborative divorce if you and your spouse:

  • Want to explore your legal rights in a divorce
  • Feel saddened by the prospect of a divorce
  • Desire an amicable, affordable, and quick divorce process
  • Have concerns about how the process will affect your children

Mediation Lawyer in McKinney, TX

Taking a case to court often perpetuates a lot of stress and high costs for attorney clients, so you may decide to pursue mediation instead of litigation to solve a dispute. During mediation, the involved parties work with a trained mediator to determine the best resolution for everyone.

The experienced mediators at J Lowe Law help people in a variety of situations with dispute resolution. Whether you’re dealing with a business contract dispute, a divorce, or a construction law issue, we can handle the mediation process. Your mediator from J Lowe Law can help ease your anxieties and guide all parties toward a settlement agreement with which everyone feels content.

With experience in family law, construction law, real estate law, and more, our mediators can mediate a wide range of disputes. Whether you need a child custody mediator or a business contract mediator, you’ll find a mediator with the experience you need at J Lowe Law.

Matters We Mediate

Our mediators mediate legal disputes related to construction, child custody, child support, divorce, probate, business, and more. We help individuals, businesses, and other attorneys solve problems and facilitate agreements that satisfy the goals of all parties.

Arbitration Lawyer in McKinney, TX

Our lawyers at J Lowe Law also offer arbitration services when mediation requires a binding agreement formed by a private arbitrator. For example, you may seek an arbitrator to settle a business contract dispute within a formal legal environment outside of court. Our lawyers act as impartial third parties to help resolve disputes without the need for litigation.

Both arbitration and mediation occur outside of court, but several factors separate the arbitration process from mediation:

  • Mediation is an informal process, but arbitration is not.
  • Mediators help both parties understand the other’s side, while arbitrators listen to presented evidence from each side.
  • Mediators focus on mutually-beneficial outcomes, while arbitrators consider factual evidence and the law to make decisions.

Arbitration may be your best option if you need an impartial third party to help resolve a legal conflict. Ask our lawyers about your options for non-litigation dispute resolution.

Litigation Lawyer in McKinney, TX

If your case goes to court, you need a trusted lawyer with years of experience and insight on your side. Whether you need to find a lawyer for a commercial, business, or civil claim, our attorneys at J Lowe Law can represent you through the litigation process.

Our lawyers have experience litigating many types of claims, including construction disputes, insurance conflicts, landlord-tenant disputes, real estate claims, and more. Our team has been practicing law for a combined total of 36 years, so they have the experience to provide trusted insight and advocate for your rights in court.

Click this link to meet the J Lowe Law team and learn more about our lawyers’ experience with litigation. Whether you need representation or advice on how to move forward, we can answer your questions and provide the legal help you need.

Why Trust Us With Your Case?

At J Lowe Law, we provide every client with the respect, compassion, and care they need to navigate legal matters with minimal anxiety and confusion. Our clients receive our full attention, and we maintain consistent communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

We don’t treat our clients as numbers. We develop long-term relationships with the individuals and corporations we represent by providing experience and integrity-driven work. Every client receives personalized representation from honest and understanding attorneys.

Whether you need a construction lawyer, family lawyer, or mediator, you can trust your case with J Lowe Law. We’ll provide the advice, guidance, and legal representation you need to overcome your legal issues.

Don’t give up hope. Call our team at J Lowe Law in McKinney, TX, at 214-310-1491 to schedule a consultation and discuss your needs with our experienced team.