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Frisco, TX, Property Division Attorney

If you’re in the middle of a divorce, if you’re contemplating it, or if you’ve just been served with papers, the first thing on your mind is likely, “What’s going to happen to everything I’ve worked so hard for?” Texas is a community property state, which means that both marital assets and marital debts will be divided equitably. Property division can quickly become contentious. If you want to ensure you’re in a good financial position post-divorce, legal advice from a Frisco, TX, property division attorney is essential. We can help. J. Lowe Law family law attorneys are fierce negotiators, ready to help ensure you get the best possible divorce settlement.

Property division attorney Frisco, TX

Skilled Frisco Property Division Attorneys

Our legal team has decades of combined experience in Texas family law, and we’re well aware of what is and isn’t considered a marital asset or debt. Even without a prenuptial agreement, you may still be able to keep much of what you earned while married. We’re tenacious negotiators and advocate only for your interests – not your spouse’s.

Or, perhaps, you placed your own career on hold while you raised your family and took care of your spouse and household. Your efforts are valuable, and you should be entitled to a fair share of everything accumulated during your marriage.

How Can A Frisco Property Division Attorney Help Me?

One of the most important things we begin with is properly characterizing assets as separate or community. Any jointly held property may be on the table, but separate assets, like a personal injury settlement, inheritance, or property purchased before marriage, should remain separate.

As your lawyer, we can advise you of what you can reasonably expect a settlement to look like and help you negotiate a fair settlement. There’s more than just dividing up the household. If you have retirement accounts, a pension, or other investments, those may be considered marital assets.

There are other considerations, too. Suppose one spouse had a problem with drugs, alcohol, or gambling. They may have used community funds for this habit. The other spouse may seek redress for the wasting of community assets and demand a larger portion of the remaining assets. Or, perhaps, one spouse had an affair. Any community funds spent on the affair, like hotels, trips, or gifts for the affair partner, could also be considered a waste of community funds. We can help sort through these contentious, sometimes subjective, issues and recover as much as possible on your behalf.

Do You Need Help With Property Division In A Divorce?

Contact J. Lowe Law today for a consultation with an experienced Frisco property division attorney. We can use the most recent rulings regarding the Texas Family Code and the division of community property and debts to build a strong case for a good settlement. If we cannot negotiate a fair settlement for your divorce, we’re fully prepared to litigate your case before a judge. We’re on your side, working for you and your future.