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Jason Lowe - J Lowe Law

Jason Lowe

Effective, efficient, and proactive are how clients often describe Jason Lowe. Jason understands that a clear and well-reasoned strategy from the outset, as well as timely communication with the client is essential to success. Jason’s straightforward assessment of a legal issue, paired with his step-by-step guidance leaves his clients feeling confident and a true member of the team. Jason’s ultimate goal is to provide value and service to his clients at all times.

Jason has over 18 years of experience is in the area of business, insurance disputes, construction and real estate disputes, and commercial litigation.

Jill Lowe

Jill graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Legal Studies. During her last year at UCF, she interned with a large firm in downtown Orlando and that is where she found her life’s purpose. Afterwards, she attended law school at Stetson University College of Law and graduated cum laude. After taking a course in family law, she realized that she wanted to help individuals by representing them in family law cases.

Jill is a child of divorced parents and witnessed first-hand the affect conflict has on the family and the individuals. She learned nothing good comes from a high-conflict divorce. It wipes out the family finances and leaves the family torn apart and emotionally spent. After experiencing her own health issues seven years ago, she decided to turn away from litigation to focus on resolving disputes peacefully. There is a better way to divorce. It does not have to be a fight or a war. There are other options to the traditional litigation case, i.e., the collaborative divorce process or uncontested divorces or mediation.

Jill Lowe - J Lowe Law