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Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

How a real estate attorney can help when purchasing or selling property.

When entering into a purchase sale contract for real estate in Texas, a party would be wise to seek the counsel of an attorney. A few examples of areas where an attorney can assist include:

·      initial consultation to review client goals, determine applicable law, and what documents will be required;

·      entity-structuring consultation concerning proper parties, LLC formation, and asset protection;

·      earnest money contract preparation;

·      earnest money disputes;

·      purchase sale contract negotiation and disputes;

·      preparation of a special provisions addendum to purchase sale contract;

·      loan commitment review/comment;

·      representation, negotiations, and discussions regarding loan terms with the lender/its counsel;

·      review/comment on the title commitment and home inspections; and

·      closing document preparation and reviewing closing packages prepared by others.