Attention Contractors: Does Your Contract Comply with Texas Law


Section 41.007 of the Texas Code deals with home improvement contracts and sets forth severalitems that must be disclosed in the contract. For example, a contract for improvements to an existing residence must contain: (1) the contractor’s certificate of registration number from the Texas Residential ConstructionCommission if the contractor is required to register as a […]

Explaining the Different Types of Construction Contracts

Explaining the Different Types of Construction Contracts

There are many differing versions of construction contracts depending on the parties’ situation andneeds. Below are some of the basic types of construction contracts, along with their associatedbenefits and drawbacks. Cost-plus contracts: Often used when the scope has not been clearly defined, such as when theproject design is still being finalized and the owner wants […]

Is it possible to have a peaceful divorce?

Peace of mind…it is something we are all searching for, especially in a divorce. A divorce, by nature, is a stressful event. It evokes all kinds of emotions… fear, anger, sadness, disappointment, joy, relief. The parties deal with some of the most stressful and emotional issues, i.e., money and children. While a divorce attorney cannot […]

Is A Collaborative Divorce Mediation?

I often get asked this question when I meet with someone for the first time:  is a collaborative divorce mediation?  The answer is simple: No.  A collaborative divorce is not mediation, and below I explain why. When comparing mediation to a collaborative divorce, there are many differences and mediation is a small process compared to […]

5 Things to Do If Contemplating a Divorce

Contemplating a divorce?  There are some things to do now to prepare for the divorce.  My helpful list below is not exhaustive and may not apply to everyone.  Even if a divorce petition is never filed, the list can help improve the marriage.  1.  Communicate with the other spouse.  Communication is key!  Not communicating can […]